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Jan 6th:
MPSuperShape v3.3 Released


MPSuperShape: Benefits

ARES D24: Users of MPSuperShape

"MPSuperShape is a critical tool in my toolbelt to create specialized tactical maps for use during emergency communications exercises and activations in our volunteer group. I have looked around extensively and MPSuperShape is just the best at what it does." - Frank Watervoort, Colorado ARES D24, author of PinPoint APRS.

Quickly combine and intersect shapes in Microsoft MapPoint!

Import, export, and copy shapes between maps!

If you are already using Microsoft® MapPoint®, you already know how useful shapes can be. Unfortunately the only way to modify these shapes are by adding or removing points. It is impossible to combine shapes, easily find overlaps between shapes, or otherwise modify them. MPSuperShape is an add-in for Microsoft MapPoint which solves these problems.

MapPoint shapes also have limited import/exported options. In fact you can only save them as a MapPoint map file, or cut & paste between maps. MPSuperShape solves this problem by providing the ability to read and write shapes in a number of industry standard file formats.

MPSuperShape: Combine shapes with the Union operation MPSuperShape: Draw a boundary around pushpins

Possible applications include:

These applications are made possible through a wide range of features.

The .NET Framework can be downloaded from the Microsoft website (Download Link for .NET 4.0).

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